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IACR Board of Directors 2022 Election

Voting start at Oct. 15, 2022, 8:30 a.m.
Voting end at Nov. 15, 2022, noon

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Question #1

Shai Halevi274
Bart Preneel364
Peter Schwabe364
Tal Malkin233
Hoeteck Wee233
Francisco Rodríguez Henríquez186
Question #2

Benjamin Wesolowski563
Question #3

Brian LaMacchia573
Question #4

Allison Bishop561
Question #5

Michel Abdalla584
Question #6
Mid-2020 the IACR Board of Directors received a proposal for the creation of a new journal, now called the IACR Communications in Cryptology, from various members and decided to form a committee to investigate the options and impact. This committee created an updated proposal after input from members and our various sub-communities for the establishment of the IACR Communications in Cryptology. You can find more information on the Principles, Scope, Organization and FAQ here: https://iacr.org/cic-proposal. Since adding a new publication venue is a significant step we would like to put this for approval to the IACR Membership as a binding vote. Do you support the creation of the IACR Communications in Cryptology?

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