Austin State Hospital Resolution

public election created by Friends of Hyde Park

Austin State Hospital is located just south of 45th and Guadalupe, bordering Hyde Park on its western side. The state is considering selling the site to developers. It is a sizable campus that currently offers mental health services to some of our most vulnerable citizens, but facilities are outdated and the campus is very large for the amount of services it provides. We believe this resolution offers a balanced/pragmatic approach to the possible development of the Austin State Hospital site that would create much needed housing in Central Austin and provide new walkable amenities beneficial to Hyde Park residents, while still protecting those that are most vulnerable among us.

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Question #1
I swear and affirm that I am the person for whom this ballot was intended and I am not voting under anyone else's direction.

Question #2
Friends of Hyde Park members support and encourage the responsible development of the Austin State Hospital site as long as a few considerations be taken: 1) Adult Psychiatric Services, Specialty Services, and Children & Adolescent Psychiatric Services should be kept on-site or carefully transitioned to another appropriate location that is central to Austin and has similar/ample access to public transit. 2) The site should be developed in keeping with the urban core, with housing of all types (including "Missing Middle" housing and Vertical Mixed Use buildings). A reasonable percentage of units built should be considered affordable to a range of low to moderate income households and priced so that these households are also able to meet other basic living costs. 3) The ASH Administration Building should be preserved and restored as part of the overall development of the site. 4) A reasonable amount of green space should be preserved and open to public use. 5) Development should encourage walkability in its design with a pedestrian/cycle focus, offer connectivity between Hyde Park and Rosedale, and focus on providing a healthy connected street grid to help with traffic and improve safety. 6) Stakeholder input should be considered in all phases of development.

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